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Who is Dilma Rousseff? (1947 – present)

  • Brazil's current PM, serving since 2010 (now in second term).
  • Former head of Petrobras (state-owned oil company).
  • Populist.

Who is Hassan Rouhani? (1948 – present)

  • Iranian politician, current President, Shia.
  • Domestically: Moderate & reformist.
  • Internationally: Pragmatic, wants improved relationship with the west - unlike his predecessor he does not deny the Holocaust, but he does not acknowledge it in any form.

Who is Marine Le Pen? (1968 – present)

  • French right-wing politician & leader of the populist FN (National Front - 3rd largest French party).
  • More pragmatic, democratic & republican than her father (Jean Marie Le Pen - also leader of the FN) - she aims to reduce immigration, dad wanted to abolish it.
  • Portraying herself as the voice of ordinary voters, might do well in March departmental elections, + might win the northern region in Dec. regional elections.

Who is Narendra Modi? (1950 – present)

  • Indian politician, 19th and current Prime Minister (since May 2014).
  • Hindu Nationalist and leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), previously served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat state (2001- 2014), praised for growth-oriented economic policies but criticised for failing to quell sectarianism.
  • Most dominant Indian PM in living memory (power centralised, opposition crushed, deferential cabinet, hugely popular on the street).

Who is Vladimir Putin? (1952 – present)

  • Russian politician who has been President or PM of Russia since 1999 (President [May 2012-present] + [2000-2008], PM [1999-2000] + [2008-2012]).
  • Prior to entering politics, he spent 16 years in the KGB (the Soviet security agency).
  • Popular cultural icon in Russia + has cultivated an image of a strongman, yet his actions are regarded by domestic opposition and international community as undemocratic.

Who is Angela Merkel? (1954 – present)

  • German politician, former research scientist, leader of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 2000 + Chancellor of Germany since 2005.
  • Champions austerity i.e. budget discipline as only way of restoring European financial stability.
  • Described as the de facto leader of the European Union and named by Forbes Magazine in 2014 as the most powerful woman in the world.

Who is Donald Tusk? (1957 – present)

  • Polish politician, former Poland Prime Minister, current head of European Council.
  • One of the few EU leaders who won re-election after 2008 financial crisis and guided Poland through 3 years of economic growth while rest of Europe faltered.
  • Healthy working relationship with Angela Merkel (German Chancellor).
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