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Who is Nicholas Sarkozy? (1955 – present)

  • Politician, 23rd President of France (2007 - 2012) and leader of centre-right UMP party (since late Nov. '14).
  • Holds pole position as UMP candidate for 2016 presidential primary contest.
  • Presidency characterised by failure to meet election promises of reform, a 15% rise in public spending, a 30% rise in public debt and closer ties with the US and UK.

Who is Bill Clinton? (1946 – present)

  • US politician (Democrat) and former US President (1993-2001) inaugurated at age 46, married to Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Policy tone of his term attributed to a centrist Third Way of governance (synthesis of right-wing economic and left-wing social policies).
  • Acquitted on all impeachment charges in wake of Lewinsky Sex Scandal (1998), and left office with highest end-of-term approval rating of any U.S. president since WW2.

Who is Hillary Rodham Clinton? (1947 – present)

  • US politician, former US Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, and First Lady (wife of former president Bill Clinton).
  • Born in Chicago, Illinois, she is a former lawyer and graduated from Wellesley College and Yale Law School.
  • Member of Democratic party and has not yet declared her intentions vis-a-vis the 2016 presidential ballot.

Who is Fran├žois Hollande? (1954 – present)

  • French politician and longtime leader of the Socialist party who became President of France in May 2012.
  • Domestic policy highlights: Supporter of same sex marriage, labor reform, pension reform and creation of a European Credit rating agency.
  • Foreign policy highlights: Early withdrawal of combat troops from Afghanistan and continued close ties with Germany.

Who is Hosni Mubarak? (1928 – present)

  • Egyptian politician and President from 1981 - 2011.
  • In Nov 2014, charges against Mubarak over the killing of 239 protesters (during the 2011 uprising against him) were dropped.
  • Currently serving 3-year sentence for embezzlement of public funds.

Who is Klaus Iohannis? (1959 – present)

  • Romanian politician who became President in December 2014.
  • Became leader of National Liberal Party in 2014, having been as leader of Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania from 2002 to 2013.
  • Physics teacher and school inspector before entering politics.

Who is Pope Francis? (1936 – present)

  • Reigning Pope of Catholic Church.
  • Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Noted for his humility, concern for the poor and informal approach to the Papacy.
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