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Macrosnap current Taiwan politics?

  • These days governing Kuomintang is relatively pro-China and anti-independence.
  • Pro-independence opposition DPP has gained strength in recent years.
  • Looks like DPP could win January Presidential election, and also win majority in legislature.

Explain the current political status of Taiwan?

  • Not strictly recognised as a country, but 22 small countries/entities have diplomatic relations with it.
  • Lost its UN seat in 1971, but it has it's own military.
  • US established diplomatic relations with China 1979, but also committed to defending Taiwan's self-governing status.

Macrosnap Taiwan-China 1949 rift?

  • Civil war in China 1927-1950 (Communists vs. Kuomintang).
  • Mao Zedong's Communists take power in Beijing in 1949.
  • Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang nationalists form their own government in Taiwan - China considers it a renegade province.

Egypt political Macrosnap?

  • 2013: Sisi (army chief) overthrows post-Mubarak, newly-elected Islamist government (of President Morsi) in popularly backed coup.
  • 2014: Sisi wins Presidential election - starts clamping down on any dissent.
  • 2015: Sisi authoritarianism re-ignites old confrontation in Egypt between radical Islamists & army - volatile situation.

Why is China building islands in the S-China Sea?

  • China says it's to help the region, including with humanitarian assistance.
  • Neighbouring countries + US say it's an attempt to extend sovereign territory.
  • China attempting to shift balance of regional power away from US.

Macrosnap S-China Sea?

  • US has dominated the area since WW2, but now China building artificial islands (some with airstrips) in attempts to claim & extend maritime sovereignty
  • 5 other nations (plus the US) contest many of China's claims.
  • US conducting sporadic naval pass-throughs to challenge China's assumptions.

Why is Erdoğan’s election win in Turkey worrying?

  • Formerly Erdoğan was a uniting figure for Turkey, but now he rules by divisiveness.
  • The identity of his ruling party now = Sunni, Islamist, Turkish.
  • Shia, secularists & Kurds made to feel left out.

Macrosnap Myanmar general election this weekend?

  • In power: Military-backed ruling party.
  • Opposition: Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD)
  • Impossible to predict outcome as limited polling data.

Macrosnap Turkey Election?


What are Turkey’s chronic internal rifts?

  • Secularists vs. Islamists.
  • Turks vs. Kurds.
  • Westernised urban elite vs. religious/conservative rural masses.
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