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Who is Recep Erdoğan? (1954 – present)

  • Turkey President, elected PM 2003 - served 3 terms before becoming PM.
  • Presidency characterised by a neo-Islamist, intrusive, growing authoritarian rule.
  • Like Putin in Russia & Sisi in Egypt, attempting to consolidate power by creating an executive presidency.

Who is Justin Trudeau? (1971 – present)

  • Politician: Leader of Liberal Party & Canadian PM (since Oct 2015).
  • Political positioning in election: Progressive, optimistic, idealistic, multicultural.
  • Economic positioning in election: End austerity, start fiscal expansion.

Who is Kamala Harris? (1964 – present)

  • US politician (Democrat).
  • Attorney-general of California.
  • After California's Barbara Boxer (Democrat) announced that she would retire from the U.S. Senate in 2017, Harris was the first candidate to declare she would vie for the seat.

Who is Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud? (1980 – present)

  • 30 year old member of Saudi Arabia royal family (currently the youngest defence minister in the world, chief of economic policy co-ordination + head of royal court).
  • Embodies new Saudi adventurist-muscular foreign policy.
  • Known as a hard worker, he is apparently a favourite of his father (Salman, who became king in January 2015).

Who is Emmanuel Macron? (1977 – present)

  • French politician (Socialist Party), former banker, current economy minister.
  • At vanguard of battle against old-guard within own party to reform ailing economy.
  • Believes France will have to compromise on its generous socialist model to get growth back on track.

Who is Jacob Zuma? (1942 – present)

  • President of South Africa, elected 2009 and re-elected 2014, president of ANC.
  • Acquitted on rape charges in 2005, but has faced continued allegations of racketeering, corruption and cronyism.
  • Currently facing scandal involving US$22m of taxpayer's money used to pay for his private home and is increasingly criticised for his growing autocratic tendencies.

Who is Ashton Carter? (1954 – present)

  • US Pentagon/Defence official, Obama's secretary of defence since 04 Feb 2015.
  • Previously Pentagon's chief arms buyer & assistant secretary of defence under former President Bill Clinton.
  • He is a Democrat and was a Rhodes scholar, receiving a PhD. in theoretical physics from Oxford University.

Who is Dilma Rousseff? (1947 – present)

  • Brazil's current PM, serving since 2010 (now in second term).
  • Former head of Petrobras (state-owned oil company).
  • Populist.

Who is Hassan Rouhani? (1948 – present)

  • Iranian politician, current President, Shia.
  • Domestically: Moderate & reformist.
  • Internationally: Pragmatic, wants improved relationship with the west - unlike his predecessor he does not deny the Holocaust, but he does not acknowledge it in any form.

Who is Marine Le Pen? (1968 – present)

  • French right-wing politician & leader of the populist FN (National Front - 3rd largest French party).
  • More pragmatic, democratic & republican than her father (Jean Marie Le Pen - also leader of the FN) - she aims to reduce immigration, dad wanted to abolish it.
  • Portraying herself as the voice of ordinary voters, might do well in March departmental elections, + might win the northern region in Dec. regional elections.
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